Food for Thought

November 4, 2019

Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years

Three platters are not enough; three platters are never enough for a day of feasting. Three slices of cake are not enough; three slices of cake are never enough for Christmas. Three bottles of wine are not enough; three bottles of wine are never enough for New Years.
Despite what you may have heard, the average person does not gain 10 pounds over the holidays, in reality, the number is more like 1-2 pounds. But don’t celebrate with confetti and jump for joy just yet. These subtle increases in weight can be dangerous. Do the math: 2 x 5 =10. That is 10 pounds added in 5 years, and that’s not including the other ten months of the year. So, maybe it wouldn’t be wise to eat whatever you laid your eyes on, and maybe it would be wise to act as if the myths—the average person gains 10 pounds—were true.
So, this leads me to my question, how can the compound poundage be avoided?

  1. Stick to your New Year’s resolution. Every gym is packed the second day of the first month of the year, and it seems like every gym is vacant before the second day of the third month of the year. If compound poundage is a concern, please stay consistent. Even if the “meat head” dropping the weight and snorting pre-workout appears a little intimidating; even if maneuvering through the gym can feel like an avalanche, do something. Run on the treadmill; walk on the treadmill, remember, doing something is better than nothing. Stick to it!
  2. Eat slower, this is probably my favorite one. The best thing about eating slower is that it gives your body time to recognize that it is full. It takes approximately twenty minutes from the beginning of a meal for the brain to send out signals of satiety. Leptin, the satiety hormone, inhibits hunger and is the reason why the cake at the dinner table looks so unappealing after 40 minutes of munching.
  3. Always keep a cup of water in close proximity. If it’s a safe ploy for restaurants to use to keep customers full, why not use it? Water is the most healthy appetite suppressant. So consume in abundance, no need to worry about getting fat—yes, ladies, no need to worry about getting fat. If struggling to compress that appetite, grab a bottle of water.
    Keep these valuable tips in mind throughout the holidays, and most importantly, enjoy your family and friends.
    Engage, Transform, Inspire!